Protecting consumers by improving professional standards.
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Chief Executive Officer

Roxane Marcelle-Shaw

Roxane Marcelle-Shaw leads the Professional Standards Authority as a regulator and service provider on behalf of the Professional Standards Councils to improve professional standards and practices, and protect consumers of professional services across Australia.

Roxane is an experienced risk-based regulator with expertise in performance, human rights and protective jurisdictions, developed through a variety of executive roles in the ACT, Commonwealth and NSW public sectors. Prior to joining the PSC, Roxane was the Director of Investigation and Reporting, and Chief Audit Executive for the NSW Information and Privacy Commission. She has held a number of board and committee appointments including the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia and Disclosures Committee of the Law Society of NSW, and been on the governing bodies of community legal centres.

In leading the work of the PSA, Roxane is motivated by the need to enhance the protection of consumers and to continuously build and maintain community trust in professions through the achievement of the objects of professional standards legislation.

Roxane acts as Secretary on the Professional Standards Councils’ committees.