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Research Grants

Previous Research Grant projects

The following projects have been awarded Research Grants by the Professional Standards Councils.

Professional standards for complaints

Project name: Professional standards for complaints managers and handlers

Recipient: Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (Monash University) and Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals Australia

Expected outcomes:

    1. Define a professional standard for complaints managers and complaints handlers
    2. Develop a framework for small business complaints handling that defines the requirements for an effective complaints system.

Project summary


Assessing Australia’s approach to professions and self-regulation

Project name: Assessing Australia’s unique approach to promoting professions and self-regulation – the Professional Standards Councils – a creative solution to a persistent problem

Recipient: Creative Consequences Pty Ltd
Expected outcomes:

  1. Assess the function, role and purpose of Australia’s professional standards legislation as a best practice regulatory model
  2. Evaluate whether the professional standards regulatory framework delivers effective and efficient regulation – and maximises the public benefit – by balancing the interests of the professions and individual professionals, their clients, and society at large.
Building a framework for better technology transfer

Project name: Building a skills framework for better technology transfer in the Australian context

Recipient: Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA)
Expected outcomes:

  1. Develop a framework for professional development across the research commercialisation sector
  2. Identify where the skills gaps are within the public sector research organisations, as well as on the industry partner side
  3. Suggest recommendations as to how to address these skills gaps
  4. Define a career pathway for early career technology transfer professionals.