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Professional Standards Grants

Previous Professional Standards Grant recipients

The following projects have been awarded Professional Standards Grants by the Professional Standards Councils.

Professional Surveyors Occupation Association

Grant project: Training program to combat critical shortage of skilled surveyors

A critical shortage of surveyors means firms cannot always find qualified technicians to support professionally qualified surveyors in the field.  As a result, they often have to employ untrained and unqualified staff known as field assistants to do the job. Compared to other roles in the industry, field assistants have difficulty finding training programs to meet their continuing professional development requirements, and there is no industry benchmark training material available for them. This Professional Standards Grant helped the PSOA work with Illawarra Institute TAFE to develop an online, video-based training program to upskill non-professional field assistants, and improve their knowledge of equipment use and safety.

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Institute of Public Accountants

Grant projects: Streamlined compliance with QA standards, Online upgrade for QA standards
The IPA has been awarded two Professional Standards Grants. The first allowed it to develop an online Professional Practice Quality Assurance (PPQA) system that replaced its paper-based process, while the second allowed it to upgrade the system so it can be used by SMSF auditors and financial planners. IPA members can now complete up to 500 different questions about their practices in a fraction of the time it took before.

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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Grant project: Interactive quality assurance review for small-medium accountancy practices

CA ANZ (formerly ICAA) used its Professional Standards Grant to build an online tool to help members in small to mid-sized practices implement a risk framework in line with a new professional standard set by the Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards Board. This new framework will help practices document and monitor risks, communicate policies and procedures to staff, and improve service quality and efficiency. Working with Ernst & Young, the CA ANZ launched the tool for its members in November 2012.

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Medico-Legal Training Australia (Law Institute of Victoria)

Grant project: Prevention of elder abuse

This Professional Standards Grant funded the development of a training program that was delivered across several regional cities in Victoria to reduce the risk of legal practitioners becoming entangled in the financial abuse of elderly people. It highlighted problematic decision-making in elderly clients, as well as how to give older people more consumer protection. Legal practitioners learned how elderly people procure legal advice, and how to seek help if they suspected financial abuse by family members.

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The Victorian Bar Association

Grant project: Professional Credentialing for Indictable Crime

This Professional Standards Grant funded a training program to provide a pool of barristers who can conduct a criminal trial. Aimed at junior criminal law practitioners, it offers structured courses covering the Evidence Act, criminal procedure, advocacy, criminal law practice, sexual assault trials, children in court, and mentally ill clients. Skills assessment takes place during and at the end of the course.

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Queensland Law Society

Grant project 1: Practice Health Check

Grant project 2: Legal Practice Resilience and Wellbeing


Two Professional Standards Grant were awarded to QLS. The first grant funded the development of an online tool named Practice Health Check. This tool, which is now available on the QLS website, allows its members to assess key areas of their practice management, benchmark their findings against best practice, and access resources to help them improve based on their individual results. The second project focussed on improving the wellbeing of the Queensland legal profession. The campaign, love law, live life, produced five fact sheets and over 25 videos for the QLS community.

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Law Society of South Australia

Grant project: Practise reviews for small legal firms
This Professional Standards Grant funded a project which created support mechanisms to address the growing need for mental health support in the interests of practitioners, their families and the users of legal service. A Small Practice Resource Kit was developed to support practitioners in times of crisis, ill health or under performance.

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NSW Bar Association

Grant project: New Barristers Assessment Program
New barristers must make big adjustments in adapting to a new role and to individual professional service delivery. The Bar associations play a key role in this transition through educating, preparing and assessing candidates, and ensuring their future clients receive a professional service. To further their committment, the NSW Bar with the support of the Professional Standards Councils created an assessment program giving barristers increased awareness on their personal strengths and how best to plan their practice.

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