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Professional Standards Schemes

Pre-application checklists

The following checklists summarise the information you’ll find throughout this website about applying for a Professional Standards Scheme, so you can determine if your association is ready to start the process.

For more information about any of these requirements, use the links below. Or contact us to speak to a Professional Standards Scheme Manager who can help you complete the application process.

Before you begin

For more information on any of the below, see Are you ready to apply for a Professional Standards Scheme?.

Have you:

  • Downloaded the application documents?
  • Checked that you fall within the definition of an “occupational association” as set out in professional standards legislation?
  • Familiarised yourself with professional standards legislation?
  • Sought independent legal advice about how a Professional Standards Scheme will affect you and your members?
  • Have the necessary processes, programs and practices in place?
  • Planned for scheme fees?
  • Have enough time and resources available to complete the process?
  • Contacted us for additional help and information if you need it?

Completing your application

For more information on any of the below, see The scheme application process.

Have you:

  • Met with us to discuss your application? (This isn’t compulsory, but it allows us to assign you a dedicated Professional Standards Scheme Manager to help you complete the process.)
  • Downloaded the application documents?
  • Followed the application template?
  • Provided all the supporting documentation we need with your application?
  • Drafted your proposed Professional Standards Scheme in the correct format?
  • Supplied a two-page summary of your proposed Professional Standards Scheme?

Preparing for your ongoing statutory responsibilities

For more information on any of the below, see Your ongoing responsibilities.

Do you have the systems and resources in place to:

  • Monitor your members’ participation in continuing professional development programs?
  • Manage and resolve complaints about your members?
  • Take disciplinary action against members where necessary?
  • Ensure your members disclose their limited liability?
  • Continuously improve your risk management practices?
  • Monitor and enforce your members’ insurance and business assets requirements?
  • Complete the Annual Report on your Professional Improvement Program each year?
  • Carry out annual audits of your membership numbers?
  • Pay the fees for your Professional Standards Scheme?