Chair and CEO Reports

This year the Councils have continued their work to strengthen consumer protection and advance professional standards, while also looking at how we can assist occupational associations in their important work of regulating their members and serving their communities.

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Person holding pen writing in a notepad

Chair’s Foreword

“In this reporting period we concluded our efforts under Strategy 2021 and comprehensively met our goals.”

John Vines OAM, Chair
Professional Standards Councils

Chair John Vines OAM at Professional Standards Councils meeting in Sydney

Chief Executive Officer’s Report

“This year the Councils have worked as a rigorous regulator promoting the offer of professional standards improvement and consumer protection, and strengthening the effectiveness and accessibility of the national regulatory system.”

Roxane Marcelle-Shaw, Chief Executive Officer

CEO Roxane Marcelle-Shaw at Professional Standards Councils meeting in Sydney

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Cover of Professional Standards Councils' 2021/22 Annual Report