Protecting consumers by improving professional standards.
Advice for scheme associations

The decision to award a Professional Standards Scheme that limits civil liability recognises the commitment an association has made to the improvement of professional standards and the protection of Australian consumers.

To satisfy the requirements for limited liability under professional standards legislation, associations covered by a Professional Standards Scheme are required to meet a range of statutory obligations. We are committed to helping associations to meet these obligations and achieve their self-regulatory goals.

The information in this section is designed to help your association fulfil its regulatory, compliance and annual reporting requirements, and maximise the benefits of its Professional Standards Scheme.

Information about the Cover of Excellence®

Cover of Excellence® is the name given to schemes approved by the Professional Standards Councils prior to February 2014. Any schemes approved by the Councils since that time are called Professional Standards Schemes.

If your association is currently covered by a Cover of Excellence® scheme, the name will remain in force until it expires. During this time, your participating members may continue to display the Cover of Excellence® logo on their business documentation.

It’s not mandatory to display the Cover of Excellence® logo. However, if your members choose to use it, make sure they download and follow the style guidelines. Contact us if you’d like a copy of the logo.

Please note: Associations covered by Professional Standards Schemes approved from February 2014 should not use the Cover of Excellence® logo.