Protecting consumers by improving professional standards.
About us

The Professional Standards Councils and its agency, Professional Standards Authority, work to improve professional standards and protect consumers of professional services across Australia.

Professional Standards Councils

The Professional Standards Councils are independent statutory bodies established in each state and territory. They have specific responsibilities under professional standards legislation for assessing and approving applications for, and supervising the application of, Professional Standards Schemes. Learn more about the Councils.

Professional Standards Authority

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) is the national regulatory agency with a core purpose to protect Australian consumers by improving professional standards. It is an agency made up of expert legal, regulatory and professional standards personnel with experience across professions, government and the commercial sector. Learn more about the PSA.

We work together to take a partnership approach to regulation that both enhances Australia’s consumer protection regime and promotes the vital role professions play in our economy.

Because of this, the terms “we”, “our” and “us” are used interchangeably throughout this website to refer to the Councils, its agency, or both bodies.

Our vision

To lead the way in advancing the highest standards of professionalism.

Our mission

To promote professional standards and consumer protection through thought leadership and education, and by granting, monitoring and enforcing approved Professional Standards Schemes.


What are the Professional Standards Councils?

What are the Professional Standards Councils?

Learn about the Professional Standards Councils, who they are and what they do.