Professional Standards Research

Benefits of professional standards schemes

The Professional Standards Councils commissioned Taylor Fry to examine and evidence the benefits delivered by professional standards schemes – effects on professional indemnity insurance and consumer complaints and claims.

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The benefits of a Professional Standards Scheme

Perspectives on regulation

Reinventing regulation

Dr Deen Sanders looks at how establishing formal support for professionals to exercise their duty to the public could reinvent financial services regulation.

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Capital market regulation

Professor Justin O'Brien explores the relationship between professional obligation and capital market regulation.

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Regulating corporate social responsibility

Professor Christine Parker of Monash University looks at how the law can hold businesses accountable for corporate social responsibility.

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Professionalisation of financial services

The first of our white paper series examines the benefits that might arise from improved professionalism and the introduction of formal professional standards in this sector.

As well as revealing the obstacles that currently exist to professionalisation, we propose a series of recommendations to encourage discussion and debate among all stakeholders – and assist in the larger project of professionalisation for financial services.

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