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Constructing Building Integrity - An Industry Report on Research 

As a lead partner organisation in the Australian Research Council Linkage Project on Constructing Building Integrity: Raising standards through professionalism, the Professional Standards Councils were pleased to host a research engagement event on Friday, 21 June 2024. 

Undertaken by Griffith University, University of NSW, Torrens University and Curtin University, and in collaboration with other partner investigators, the Linkage Project aims to investigate the role of professions in rebuilding trust in residential building construction in Australia.  

The building and construction industry session was attended by practitioners, regulators, and representatives from professional associations and industry. During the session, the research teams presented their findings and recommended pathways for action, providing further opportunity for industry stakeholders to share valuable feedback and insights.  

When finalised and published, the Industry Report will be an important contribution to the knowledge and awareness by professions, trades and regulators of the roles they can play in delivering a trustworthy construction industry. 

The Councils thank attendees for their participation and look forward to sharing the Industry Report in coming months. 

Further information about the Constructing Building Integrity: Raising standards through professionalism project is available here