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Professional Standards Councils’ release 2022/23 Annual Report

The Professional Standards Councils have published their combined 2022/23 Annual Report, documenting the Councils’ achievements and performance over the past financial year. 

The report highlights important achievements in working with occupational associations to strengthen consumer protection and continuously improve professional standards.   

During the reporting period, strong progress was made on achieving goals set out in the Councils’ three-year strategic plan Strategy 2025. The number of association members subject to schemes also increased by 2%, with over 95,000 professionals now represented in the national system. 

The Councils’ have remained focused on engaging and equipping occupational associations to improve professional services and promote consumer protection and look forward to continuing this work in the year ahead. 

Highlights from the 2022-23 Annual Report include:  

  • 100% of annual reports provided on time by regulated associations in 2021 and 2022.  
  • 72% of associations reported they undertook root cause analysis of complaints or claims in 2022, of which 85% incorporated elements into risk management strategies.  
  • Released the new Annual Professional Standards Report Template and Guidance, designed with associations to streamline annual reporting requirements, and enhance risk management.  
  • Held an Insurance Roundtable which focused on better utilising the benefits of professional standards schemes to improve the availability and affordability of professional indemnity insurance and consumer protections.  
  • Delivered two Forums on the topics of ‘Innovation in complaints systems’ and ‘Fit-for-purpose-regulation’ to over 100 delegates from all states and territories in Australia.  
  • Released a four-part Guidance Note on association codes of ethics, providing a practical resource for associations in building or revising codes. 

To read more and view the full Professional Standards Councils combined 2022/23 Annual Report, click here.