About us

The Professional Standards Authority

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) provides regulatory and general support services for the Professional Standards Councils. It is formally an agency of the NSW government (within the NSW Fair Trading and Regulatory Services Division of the NSW Department of Customer Service) with obligations to provide services to all Australian governments and their relevant Councils. 

The PSA supports the work of the Councils by:

  • Working with professional associations to help them develop self-regulation initiatives, improve their professional standards, meet their self-regulatory commitments, comply with their legislative obligations, and protect Australian consumers of professional services
  • Providing information to help associations apply for a Professional Standards Scheme
  • Providing expert advice and administrative support to the Councils
  • Conducting and promoting research, education and thought leadership in professional standards and regulation
  • Developing policies and guidelines
  • Participating in events to promote debate and change in the areas of professional standards, codes of ethics and conduct, and risk management to improve the standard of services consumers receive.